Meet the Croquet Team

Erik Onnen is the CEO of Croquet and a member of its Board of Directors. He is a senior technology executive with more than 20 years of experience as a leader in high growth infrastructure or platform software businesses with multiple successful exits. For the past 10 years he held executive leadership roles in product, technology and general management at Airship, Cloudability (acquired by Apptio) and

He is deeply engaged in the developer community at both individual and industry levels, having helped build two companies dependent on developer adoption for growth. He was the senior technology executive on teams raising more than $50 million from well-known venture capital and strategic investors from Seed through Series C stages. He is experienced with M&A diligence, compliance, acquisitions and the IPO process. He has been issued 5 patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office and holds a B.A. in Political Science from Dartmouth College.
Erik Onnen

David A. Smith
CTO, Founder
David has been driving world class innovation for more than 35 years, collaborating with everyone from Alan Kay and Doug Engelbart to Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton. Recognized as one of the pioneers of VR and AR, he developed the world’s first 3D adventure/shooter, created the visualization software behind James Cameron’s “The Abyss” and sold 10’s of millions of games and applications. David has founded 7 companies, including Virtus Corporation, the first real-time 3D PC design tool, and most recently Croquet Corporation, a foundational Web 3.0 platform. Previously he was the Chairman of Gensym, the first large scale public AI company and served as the Senior Fellow of Lockheed Martin.

Brian is a 20-year veteran of the game industry. He was one of the founders of Red Storm Entertainment where he designed the original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. He spent fifteen years as a senior designer at PlayStation, guiding external teams through every stage of production, including innovative indie titles such as Fat Princess, Warhawk, Sorcery, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Bound, and Here They Lie. Brian is the author of the books The Aesthetic of Play and Situational Game Design.
Brian Upton
Chief Creative Officer

Vanessa Freudenberg
Chief Architect, Co-founder
Vanessa designed Croquet’s client/server architecture, and implemented its client framework as well as the networking protocol and global Edge Reflector infrastructure. A former member of Alan Kay’s research group, she has been developing interactive systems for more than 20 years with a focus on live, self-supporting architectures (including Squeak Etoys, Scratch, Lively, Frank, and even a revival of Smalltalk-78). Vanessa’s PhD was awarded for new real-time non-photorealistic 3D rendering techniques.

While he was attending the graduate school of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yoshiki joined Walt Disney Imagineering R&D in 2000 as an intern and helped developing prototypes of Disney’s theme park attractions. He also has been involved in Alan Kay’s research group, and participated in the research and development effort of education programming environment Squeak Etoys and later took the leading role. Yoshiki has worked at the Viewpoints Research Institute, SAP Labs CDG, and Y Combinator Research, all of which Dr. Kay founded or helped found. He was awarded his PhD. for designing and implementing a massively parallel particle programming system from Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Yoshiki Ohshima

Aran Lunzer
Aran is another Co-founder who transferred from Alan Kay’s former research group, having started working with David Smith in 2017 on bringing Croquet into the JavaScript world. Aran’s background includes 20 years of interaction research, focusing on his concept of "subjunctive interfaces": information interfaces designed to inform users about the context surrounding a computed result by hinting at alternative results from nearby, subtly different computations. He is always on the lookout for ways to stir those ideas into the Croquet ecosystem.

Jenn is a Transylvanian Ui UX developer living in Vancouver, Canada. Her early career began in fine art but merged with her love for technology - migrated into a career in UX. Jenn’s work was recently featured in multiple globally published magazines and large scale signage designs that can be viewed around downtown Vancouver. At Croquet, Jenn works at enhancing the overall user experience for seamless integration and interactions.
Jenn Evans
UX Engineer

Evan Hackett
Software Engineer
Evan has been working in the software industry since 2015 in a diverse set of roles including React developer, cloud infrastructure engineer, and bootcamp instructor. His passion of looking to the past to extract nuggets of wisdom and alien technology led him to discover the original Croquet and earlier collaborative software. At Croquet, Evan primarily works on the backend infrastructure.


Croquet is a software system for creating multiuser digital experiences on the web. It lets you build real time multiuser apps without writing a single line of server code, or deploying or managing any servers. Croquet consists of a JavaScript library that grants access to our global network of public reflectors.

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