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We enable developers at startups to build collaborative multi user apps and games quickly and easily. With global infrastructure, a powerful library and free access to tools, Croquet is the fastest, easiest way to deliver these previously impossible user experiences. Startups get developer support, special access to tools, frameworks and assistance in the marketing and promotion of your resulting Croquet product.

Croquet Developers
Croquet Developers

Interactive & Experiential Agencies

We partner with strategists, designers and developers at Interactive & Experiential Agencies to deliver client experiences never before possible. Whether these shared experiences live on the web or mobile and focus on business, consumer, media or marketing goals, they all create deeper brand engagement and powerful consumer affinity. We know agencies are always looking to create impact for their clients in ways that haven’t been done before. Some examples of ways we move the needle with agencies include connecting groups of consumers in collaborative ways to interact with brands across any device, sharing instantaneous experiences for sales executives and their buyers, and supporting large interactive activations of apps/games that come to life through TVs or large outdoor screens as part of shared brand experiences.

Commercial Software Providers

We provide tools to help virtually any Commercial Software Provider to “collaboration enable” its applications. We do this on the back of our global infrastructure and powerful platform tools that make Croquet the fastest, easiest way for any developer to jumpstart mullti user and collaborative experiences. Using Croquet, every commercial application can be made mullti user, either in whole or in part, saving massive costs to develop necessary infrastructure and providing immediate, ultra-low latency performance on a global basis.

Croquet Developers
Croquet Developers

Advertising Agencies & Media Buyers

With our new Edge Collaboration technologies, operating at close to the speed of light, we enable first-of-its-kind interactive advertising experiences that connect consumers in intimate, powerful ways. Any shared interactive experience can be deployed instantly and frictionlessly, with no downloads, registrations, or other friction to consumer adoption. Examples of applications span marketing for film releases, new forms of CPG advertising connecting broadcast television with consumers on their phone, and many other use cases where real time engagement and stickiness are your KPI.

Enterprise IT Utilities

Croquet Platform and Infrastructure enables Enterprise IT to support remote employees interacting with each other and with corporate systems in ways that go far beyond Zoom. We “collaboration enable” HR applications for onboarding a new employee to create shared employee experiences, and allow customer support to suddenly become a common, bit-identical shared experience that provides levels of customer/employee service and support across multiple devices in a cross-platform way never before seen. We help Enterprises deepen and change the relationships with their customers in ways that could not be imagined.

Croquet Developers

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