Build Real-Time, Multiuser Shared Experiences For Web & Mobile Beyond The Edge

No Backend Development

Front end development is all you need to know

Automatic Synchronization

Croquet manages synchronizing new users when they join a session

Built in Persistence

Protects user data across application versions

End to End Encryption

Event messages are not accessible from the cloud

Minimal User Latency Worldwide

Global fleet of Croquet edge-reflectors provides incredibly fast response time

Bit-Identical Shared Virtual Machine

Incredibly simple to create even complex collaborative apps

How Croquet Works

Croquet's Beyond the Edge platform eliminates dedicated servers and server-side code from online multiuser apps. Instead, users connect through our worldwide network of public reflectors. Every input is mirrored by the reflector to a shared virtual computer that runs bit-identical across every client, so everyone stays perfectly in sync. Because our lightweight reflectors can be located right on the edge of the cloud, they provide lower latency than traditional network architectures. And since every message is encrypted end-to-end, your app is completely secure.

  • Instantaneous
  • Shared
  • Experiences

Real time interactions for all remote users in simultaneous collaboration Immediately synchronous collaboration across all platforms for any group of usersInstantly access Croquet with no download or installation required Croquet apps can “jump” to any device from a QR code or link Cross-platform capabilities with highly secure sessions initiated on the fly

Each collaborator sees their own view on a common object or interactionBit-identical, perfectly synchronized collaborative sessionsUsers work together with multiuser control, swipe, gestures, mouse control and voice interactions for all remote collaborators

Developers can create real time , multiuser or multiplayer shared experiences for any web or mobile applicationExperiences for enterprise, business, health care, government, consumer, marketing and morePreviously impossible real time collaborative interactions delivered with end to end security in real time

  • Architecture and Construction
  • Medical Imagery
  • Tic Tac Toe

* This is a reference app built to demonstrate the capabilities of
the Croquet Library.

Croquet for Business

  • Make any document shared and collaborative
  • Photo markup & interaction
  • Construction plans and drawings
  • Make apps work like FIGMA
  • Presentations
  • Real time CRM & sales enablement
  • Customer support: over the shoulder help
  • Messaging
  • Telemedicine
  • 2D-3D image collaboration

Social Collaboration

  • Synchronous sharing
  • Photos & objects
  • Superbowl parties
  • Social games
  • Social collaboration networks
  • Theme park group apps
  • Augmented and mixed reality

Media & Marketing

  • Sports fandom - TV second screen
  • Sports betting apps
  • Events & venues
  • Music and video synchronization
  • Marketing & product launches
  • Film & music premieres
  • Interactive advertising